Reciprocity Instructions

Provisional Licensure is no longer offered as of September 1, 2022!  Only full licensure is offered.

To apply for licensure by reciprocity, you must complete and submit the items listed below. Incomplete application forms will be returned to the sender. Once all required information is received by the Board office the application will be reviewed to see if reciprocity can be met.  Please allow at least 5 to 7 business days for this review.   Once the review is complete, and if there is no cause for the application to go before the Board, the license is issued within 2 to 3 business days.

Download Mail-In Form: Application for Licensure by Reciprocity | 

  • $80.00 Licensure Fee (Check or money order made out to NDSBRC if applying with paper form.)
  • An official verification of your license in all jurisdictions in which you hold and previously held a license(s). You will need to contact each state and request either a letter of verification or the url for their on-line license verifications and have either forwarded to the NDSBRC Office.
  • Copy of the law and administrative rules/regulations from the jurisdiction in which you are requesting reciprocity which establishes the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a license in that jurisdiction. THE LAW AND ADMINISTRATIVE RULES/REGULATIONS MUST BE THOSE WHICH WERE IN EFFECT AT THE TIME YOU OBTAINED LICENSURE IN THAT JURISDICTION.  (Either you or the state licensure body may submit a copy of the law and rules directly to the NDSBRC Office via e-mail or US Post.)
  • Submit to a statewide and nationwide criminal history record check. A request form and fingerprint cards will be mailed to you once your Application for Licensure and licensure fee are received by the Board office. (Previous background check reports may not be used as per the FBI. You must submit for a completely new background check.)
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