CE Guidelines

Continuing Education Requirement for Licensure

All licensees must present proof, at the time of annual licensure renewal, of having attended or acquired a minimum of ten clock-hours of continuing education approved by the Board.  Continuing education must be completed in the calendar year for which licensure is sought.

Continuing Education Approval Process

All continuing education programs submitted by licensees must have a provider number assigned.  The provider number may be assigned by AARC, AAST, NDSRC, AMA, ALA, AHA, AASM, BRPT, ASET, etc.

If the program has not been given a provider number from one of the above mentioned organizations, the licensee must apply to the NDSBRC for a number.  This may be done by clicking here. #todo  The licensee will be notified via e-mail as to whether the program is approved (provider number is given) or denied.

A current list of the NDSBRC approved courses with their provider numbers can be found here.

Newly licensed individuals who took the certification exam or the registry exams may use the exam(s) for the continuing education requirement if the exam(s) were completed the year prior to the year for which licensure is sought.  The provider numbers for the exams can be found on the list of NDSBRC approved programs.  A notarized copy of the exam score(s) must be submitted to the NDSBRC Office with the renewal application if not already on file.

Continuing Education Defined

Continuing education considered for approval shall consist of educational programs designed to reinforce and expand the knowledge and technical skills of respiratory therapists and polysomnographers.  Participants must maintain a record of attendance for all programs listed on their Licensure Renewal Application.  The Board reserves the right to perform audit of those listings.  Proof of attendance may include a certificate of attendance issued by the sponsor or a copy of the attendance sheet.

Completion Criteria

Each approved educational program must:

  • Be conducted by qualified professionals;
  • Have specific written objectives;
  • Have a description of the program content and instructional method used;
  • Include the method used to evaluate the participant’s knowledge of the objectives covered.

Content Criteria

The content of the program shall be relevant to the practice of respiratory care or polysomnography.  This includes:

  • All areas addressed by the RRT®, CRT®, RPFT®, CPFT®, RPSGT®, and AE-C® examination content outlines.  (see www.NBRC.org or www.BRPT.org for content outlines)
  • Emerging technology and its application in the delivery of respiratory care

Programs not directly covering the application of patient care may be suitable content if the course or program relates to any of the following:

  • Education, supervision, and management;
  • Health care expenditure management;
  • Preventative health care
  • Medical legal ethics
  • Patient Safety
  • Bioterrorism

Programs that are considered mandatory by employers will not be approved for continuing education hours.  Examples include programs covering policies and procedures specific to that facility.

Continuing Education Categories

Category 1 – Participation in an educational activity directly related to respiratory therapy, pulmonary function technology, or polysomnography which includes any one of the following:  lecture, panel, workshop, seminar, symposium, or distance education.  Limit:  10 hours.

Category 2 – Retake and pass the respective examination for the highest credential held.  Limit:  10 hours.

Category 3 – Pass a credentialing examination not previously completed.  Limit:  10 hours.

Submission of Continuing Education

At the time of licensure renewal, each licensee shall record a minimum of ten clock hours of continuing education including date of each program, title of each program, and the provider number or each program.  The Board conducts a random audit of continuing education each renewal period.  Therefore, it is recommended licensees retain completion certificates or signed verification of attendance for their continuing education hours.  All renewal applications postmarked or received on-line after December 31st of the renewal year will be subject to the continuing education audit.

Continuing Education Log

Keep track of your continuing education hours throughout the year with this Continuing Education Log.

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