List of Approved Courses

Standard Approved Courses

Provider Number CEU Hours Course Name
1001 10 TMC Therapist Multiple Choice Exam
1002 10 CSE Clinical Simulation Exam
1003 10 RPSGT Exam
1004 10 ACLS (RQI ACLS claim the number of CEUs based on the contact hours you completed in one-year renewal period.)
1005 10 NRP
1006 10 PALS (RQI PALS claim the number of CEUs based on the contact hours you completed in one-year renewal period.)

2024 NDSBRC Approved Courses

Provider Number CEU Hours Course Name
10049 1.5 positive airway pressure devices
10093 1.0 Hooked and Hurting: Dealing with Chronic Pain and Tobacco Cessation, Bismarck NDC
10094 1.0 Adolescent Nicotine Use: Adverse Consequences and Treatment Strategies, Bismarck NDC
10095 1.00 2023 Lung Cancer Screening Updates and its role on thoracic oncology programs, Bismarck NDC
10096 1.0 Tobacco Use in Indian Country, Bismarck NDC
10097 1.0 Fighting an Uphill Battle: Nicotine Addiction in Schools, Bismarck NDC
10098 1.0 Youve Come a Long Way, Baby: The Lies Tobacco Companies Told and the Truths Revealed about Women and Smoking, Bismarck NDC
10099 1 Tobacco Use and Its Effects on Peripheral Artery Disease (PVD), Bismarck NDC
10100 1 Clear Vision, Healthy Choices: Ocular Complications Secondary to Tobacco Use, Bismarck NDC
10101 0.5 ND Medicaid: Overview of Nicotine Cessation Coverage and Pharmacist Billing
10108 0.75 Case Studies, Bismarck NDC
10115 4 PANDEM
10116 3 Skillful Collaboration
10117 1 Diagnosing Asthma: Solving the Jigsaw Puzzle
10118 1 PFT Screening for Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) Therapy
10119 12 Motivational Interviewing for Health Behavior Change, Mayo NDC, May 2024
10120 1 Guidelines Focused Management : Respiratory Weakness in Neuromuscular Disease.
10121 1 Breathing Matters: Understanding Covid-19's Impact on Our Lungs
10122 1 How commercial tobacco products are evolving to attract youth.
10123 1 Nicotine Dependence Treatment: The WHY and the HOW in our Human Service Center
10124 1 Cloud Chasers: Current Trends in ND Youth Vaping
10125 1 Understanding Vaping: Devices, Health Effects, and the Path Forward
10126 1 Cannabis and Dual Use in Youth
10127 1 COVID-19 and the Immune System
10128 1 Commercial Tobacco: Focus on Flavors, Menthol and the Vaping Epidemic
10129 8 EMS Annual Conference
10130 1 Lets Get Real: Alpha-1 Antitrypsin DeficiencyCase-Based Perspectives on Managing Associated Emphysema
10131 1.5 Discover how systems influence saftery: An exclusive learning experience with Radonda Waught
10132 1.5 Understanding RSV: What You Need to Know to Prevent and Treat Respiratory Syncytial Virus in Your Patients
10133 1 Ion Robotic Assisted Bronchoscopy___
10134 1 The Alphabet Soup of ICU
10135 1 A New Era for Treating and Preventing Asthma Exacerbations
10136 1 Ventilator induced diaphragmatic dysfunction
10137 1 AARC update on the strategic plan and an organizational overview
10138 1 Recognizing a Sick Neonate
10139 1.5 Fostering Resident and Family Relationships and Managing Complaints
10140 1.5 Defensible Documentation for Change in Condition, Incidents with Injuries, and Complaints
10141 6 Medical Rural Hopsital FLEX ND CAH Quality Network Annual CAH and RHC Meeting
10142 3 Eide Bailly- Yr 2 RHC Financial and Operational Best Practices Meeting
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