Initial Application Instructions

In accordance with Chapter 43-42 of the North Dakota Century Code, it is required that each Respiratory Therapist and Polysomnographic Technologist hold a valid North Dakota license in order to practice in the State of North Dakota. It is against the law to engage in the practice of respiratory care and polysomnographic technology without a valid license.

Provisional Licensure is no longer offered as of September 1, 2022!  Only full licensure is offered.

To apply for initial licensure, you must complete and submit the items listed below.  Once all required information is received by the Board office and reviewed, and if there is no cause for the application to go before the Board, the license is issued within 2 to 3 business days.

Application for Licensure – You may apply on-line and pay with a credit card, or print a paper application form and pay with a check or money order.  Incomplete paper application forms will be returned to the sender thus slowing the process time.

$80 Licensure fee (check or money order made out to NDSBRC if applying with paper form)

Submit to a statewide and nationwide criminal history record check. A request form and fingerprint information will be e-mailed to you once your Application for Licensure and licensure fee are received by the Board office. (Previous background check reports may not be used as per the FBI. You must submit for a completely new background check.)

Photocopy of your NBRC certifying exam scores OR photocopy of your NBRC certificate.  (Copy may be e-mailed or sent by U.S. Post to NDSBRC Office.)

Official transcript sent directly from school to NDSBRC Office via U.S. Post or e-mail, OR photocopy of diploma which is NOTARIZED.  If your school/program is no longer in existence, please either contact the Board of Higher Education or the Board of Education in the state where you attended the program.  You may obtain the contact information by accessing

Completed License Verification Form from each state in which you are presently and/or were previously licensed. (Send this form to the state licensure body to complete and forward to the NDSBRC Office.)  If the state offers on-line verification only, please provide the website address for their on-line license verification by e-mailing it to the NDSBRC Office.

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